Properly functional HVAC systems are must-haves for homes in Jacksonville, and a comfortable indoor environment is necessary for warm summers and the occasional cool winter days. The industry that installs and maintains these systems support having NATE-certified technicians to make sure you get professional service.

What Does It Mean to Be NATE Certified?

NATE is an acronym that stands for North American Technician Excellence, a nonprofit organization that certifies HVAC technicians. Through a series of experience and knowledge-based tests, people working in the industry earn credentials of legitimacy and competency.

When your HVAC system no longer provides indoor comfort, you want to know that a knowledgeable technician answers the call. Hiring a NATE-certified technician gives you confidence that a skilled, reliable professional will come to your home.

What Is the Certification Process?

NATE works with nationwide HVAC experts who draw from real-world experiences to develop the series of exams technicians take to receive certification. Passing scores of 70 or higher puts technicians on the path toward becoming NATE certified.

Before registering for the tests, NATE recommends that technicians build a portfolio of work experience for a minimum of six months. Relevant experience can come from working for an HVAC company or an apprenticeship or internship.

Technicians must pass two exams early in their careers. One is the Ready-to-Work exam, which tests technicians in six core areas of HVAC repair, maintenance and installation.

HVAC Support Technician is the second exam. This certification shows additional proof that the technician in your home has a strong foundation of HVAC knowledge.

After two years of servicing heating and cooling systems, technicians can take the NATE certification exam. Becoming NATE certified occurs through one of two paths:

  • Traditional: must pass core exam and one or more specialty exams
  • Certified HVAC Professional: must pass five exams for comfort and airflows, electrical and controls, installation, HVAC fundamentals and service

How Often Do NATE-Certified Technicians Renew Their Certification?

Generally, technicians with the NATE distinction must recertify every two years. A specialty certification as a ground source heat pump installer lasts three years. Recertification requires completing 16 hours of continuing education credits through the NATE website.

Additionally, NATE-certified technicians use the website to pay the renewal fee or retake the exam to continue their specialty certification.

Don’t Pay the Price of an Improperly Installed HVAC System

According to the Department of Energy, your HVAC system loses 30% of its performance efficiency with improper installation. With this in mind, hiring a company that proudly employs certified technicians is important.

As a hard-working appliance, your heating and cooling system controls the temperature, humidity and ventilation in your home. This level of demand does not benefit from improperly installed or maintained units. An inexperienced technician can cause:

  • Inefficient, noisy operation
  • Fire hazard
  • Installation of an incorrectly sized unit
  • Uncomfortable humidity
  • Poor air quality
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

Therefore, it is vital to have your system repaired, replaced or installed by HVAC technicians with proven knowledge and expertise. A company that employs NATE-certified technicians shows they are committed to service. Their commitment helps to keep your family safe while saving you time and money.

Benefits of Hiring a NATE-Certified Technician

When you hire an HVAC company, you want to know multiple visits are unnecessary to get the job done right. A NATE-certified technician brings the confidence you need to ensure the problem is addressed correctly. Here are five benefits of hiring a company with NATE-certified technicians.

1. Guaranteed Excellence

Perhaps the last HVAC technician in your home did not have basic knowledge or professional skills. Your experience will be vastly different if you hire a company that sends a NATE-certified technician to your home.

Years of working on various HVAC units ensures they can reliably troubleshoot problems with your system. Not only do NATE-certified technicians come with real-world experience, but they also have extensive educational training.

They passed rigorous exams to earn their certifications. Additionally, a NATE-certified technician must stay current with new industry practices and developments.

2. Faster, Efficient Service

Faster and more efficient service is an important combination when you need indoor relief from the summer heat. A NATE-certified technician knows how to repair all HVAC brands and models. This improves the chance they know the complexities and variables that makes your system function.

Typically, they come to your home prepared with the right tools and parts based on your description of the problem. Having the right equipment on hand will likely lead to an accurate repair within one visit.

A less knowledgeable technician may not come equally prepared. Hiring a non-certified company could mean several trips before the job is done.

3. Accurate Diagnosis

Faster service does not happen without accurately diagnosing the issue. Pinpointing the problem is the first step to making sure a repair is correctly completed. A non-certified technician could misdiagnose the problem and fix something that is not broken.

On the other hand, a NATE-certified technician has passed multiple exams for this designation. They bring detailed technical knowledge to how your HVAC system works. You can trust that repeat work is not necessary to resolve the issue.

4. Save Money

Whether you need a repair, maintenance or installation service, hiring a NATE-certified technician provides long-term savings. The immediate job gets fixed properly without extra charges for additional visits. An efficiently operating unit saves monthly costs throughout the lifetime of your unit.

Having a certified technician come to your home means that your HVAC system will continue to run smoothly and be well-maintained. Most will also give you tips on maintaining your system in between service visits.

They will also point out existing issues that could lead to high utility bills and expensive repairs in the future. A NATE-certified technician brings knowledge that helps you avoid expensive repeat work. You avoid the risk of enduring a shoddy repair by a technician with less experience.

If your HVAC system needs to be replaced, installation by certified professionals means they will safely install correctly sized equipment.

5. Get Peace of Mind

No amount of money or time can replace the peace of mind you gain from having the expertise of a NATE-certified professional. NATE certification comes with the national recognition of being the gold standard for HVAC training.

Hiring a company that answers your call with their certified technician gives you comfort in receiving the highest quality of HVAC service.

Finding a company that requires NATE-certified technicians is a good sign. It shows that the company is invested in having a good reputation for delivering the best possible service. This is a company that values its customers.

Trust Matters When You Need a NATE-Certified Technician

Many companies throughout Jacksonville offer repair and maintenance services when a breakdown occurs. However, at Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we distinguish ourselves because we send NATE-certified technicians to our customers’ homes.

We employ reliable professionals to give you the benefit of industry-approved expertise. Give us a call for your next heating or cooling repair, maintenance or installation project. We look forward to delivering our highly rated HVAC services.

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