Professional air conditioning maintenance is a service too few homeowners take advantage of. Most technicians offer this money-saving service, and many also offer maintenance plans that provide discounts and additional benefits. So why haven’t you signed up? Check out the ways you can save!

Save on Monthly Bills

Energy bills can be quite high in Florida, where we run our air conditioning systems often. Air conditioning maintenance helps to reduce monthly bills. After a tune-up of your system, the parts can run smoothly, potentially requiring less energy to run with the same performance output (or better) than before.

Save on Repairs

You can also save on repair costs since a tune-up and a cleaning of the coils helps to keep up peak performance levels and stop problems from occurring. After an inspection, a technician may notice a problem within the system, but you’ll be able to schedule repairs before it gets any worse and requires emergency service.

Save Some Time

One of the ways maintenance helps you save is by saving you some time. You can schedule service on your own time, rather than waiting for the air conditioner to break down, as the latter could require you to miss out on work time or family fun time.

Get Additional Savings with a Maintenance Plan

Many companies offer maintenance plans, in which you pay for two annual visits from a technician and get additional benefits in return. Not only do you reap all the benefits of a professional maintenance visit like energy savings and reduced repairs; you may get discounts on parts and services, priority service, and more. One of the perks of our AC maintenance program, for example, is 15% off all future repairs or any indoor air quality products.

Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing provides air conditioning maintenance and ac repair services in Neptune Beach. Make the good call!

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