Is an always-running HVAC system bad?

If your HVAC system is running all the time, it is bad for your system, your home, and your wallet. An HVAC that never stops means that it is underperforming to its expectations and your home is not cooling to the right temperature. This is bad for your home because it can cause electrical issues and possible damage to the air conditioning unit.

Stop these problems, an always-running air conditioner is extremely expensive to keep up with. So, with the problems being stated, why is your HVAC system running all the time?

How does your HVAC get this bad?

There are too many possible problems that can go wrong with the HVAC being constantly running. While you could diagnose it yourself, it’s far safer for your system to call a professional and let them inspect your system themselves.

Your Air Conditioner is Undersized – If your air conditioner is too small for your home, it will constantly be pushing energy in because it can’t satisfy the home’s needs. This is dangerous because it can cause your air conditioner to damage itself by trying so hard.

Airflow Restrictions – Blockages will cause the airflow to be of lower quality. Dirt, debris, and blockages will restrict airflow and cause the system to overwork. However, a bad motor, a frozen evaporator coil, or improper ductwork can also cause problems with your HVAC.

Low Refrigerant – If it is blowing air at normal strength but is having a hard time being cool, you could be low or out of refrigerant. An alternative would be searching for a frozen coil; the coil being frozen shows us where all that cool air went!

Dirty Condenser Coil/Evaporator – The evaporator coil absorbs heat from your air, and the condenser disperses it outside. If either of these is dirty, it can impede heat transference meaning that the heat will not move as fast. When this happens, the A/C will overwork itself.

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