It can be difficult enough to run a business without having to worry about your Commercial HVAC system as well. If you find that your system isn’t working well, then let one of our professionals know. Here is a list of what to look for:

  • Loud or strange noises. It’s imperative that you keep an eye on your Commercial HVAC system to make sure that it’s working just as it should. One of the most common signs that your heating and cooling equipment is not working properly is a loud or strange noise. A banging noise could be the result of a damaged or loose component within the system, while a hissing or whistling noise could be the result of airflow leakage within the ductwork or air handler. You can expect your HVAC system to make some noise, but if anything sounds extraordinary, then let a professional knowledge.
  • Uneven heating and cooling. Of the various issues that can alert you to an issue, perhaps the most prevalent is the presence of hot or cold spots that indicate uneven performance. It’s impossible to say what the cause is without a professional diagnosis, but it could be related to a problem with your air ducts. One part of your ductwork may not be working correctly, thus cutting down on the air to that section of your commercial space. This is obviously a major issue that won’t simply go away on its own.
  • Inadequate heating and cooling. Whether you notice a severely reduced airflow coming out of your air ducts, none at all, or air at the wrong temperature, you need to hire a pro straight away. There are several potential causes for this mishap, including blocked airflow due to duct damage, frozen evaporator coil, blower fan malfunction, or compressor failure. Before jumping to any conclusions, however, make sure you hire a professional to have your system evaluated.
  • System failure. If your commercial HVAC system simply fails to turn on at all or shuts off intermittently, then don’t wait to get in touch with a trained technician. While this could be a quick fix, it could also indicate a need for HVAC replacement if your system is old.

Bring any questions you may have and let our trained experts advise you with respect to your commercial HVAC system. Call today. 

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