You could do well to install a mini-split AC in Ponte Vedra, FL. Oftentimes, people with an outbuilding that needs cooling will install a mini-split air conditioner there; others will install numerous units to cool their whole home without the hassle that comes with ductwork. Others, for example the owners of historic homes, opt for these systems because their building’s structure won’t allow for ducts.

Whatever your situation might be, a mini-split system could be the answer. If you’re not familiar with how one works, just know that it’s like a ducted heat pump: it removes heat from a room via the air handler and releases it into the outside via the compressor. Between the two runs the piping for refrigerant. The air handler, rather than being a bulky machine that you place in the attic, is a compact unit that you can mount on the wall or hang from the ceiling. It has enough power to cool a single room.