Depending on where you live and the type of air cooling system you use, keeping your home cool can be a major challenge during the height of the summer. Most air conditioners are efficient, but humidity can be a big issue in many places.

Some homeowners do not understand the importance of humidity control. Some erroneously assume that proper AC maintenance is all they need to do to keep the home cool and comfortable. The truth is, low temperatures and high humidity do not normally work perfectly.

In Jacksonville, Florida, and places with similar climatic conditions, high humidity makes it harder to keep homes cool and comfortable. Even with an efficient air conditioner, it is hard to control temperature and humidity. This calls for the use of a dehumidifier.

When Exactly Do You Need A Dehumidifier?

A traditional air conditioner can remove some of the humidity in your home. In a moderately humid environment, it may be enough. There are instances the AC will not be enough to keep the temperature and humidity at the right levels. Here are specific instances that will make the use of dehumidifier needful:

Temperature Is Below 75 Degrees While Humidity Is Above 60 Percent

When your home is above 60% humidity, and your temperature is below 75 degrees, there is a need to introduce a dehumidifier. Such readings are possible in certain parts of the world. If you live in such places and your measurements are similar to what we’ve stated here, using a dehumidifier is highly recommended.

You Live In a New Home

New homes are characteristically more susceptible to high humidity due to a number of factors. The style of construction is probably the most contributing factor, but the materials used for construction matter a lot too. Tight construction, for instance, is a big factor. You may need to measure humidity to determine if there is a need to buy a dehumidifier. If humidity is not at 53%, you may need a dehumidifier to keep your home comfortable.

You Have Mold Issue Already

One of the biggest problems of living in a humid environment is mold growth, which affects the quality of your indoor air and can have different health consequences. If you have already noticed mold growth in your home, there is a need to invest in a dehumidifier.

When You Are Using a Newer Air Conditioner

It is a known fact that the newest air conditioners remove less humidity than the older models. They are mostly energy-efficient and offer other benefits as far as home cooling is concerned, but you may have to buy a dehumidifier to help control humidity.

Efficient temperature control in a humid environment can be a little more challenging than what is obtainable in dry climates. Adding a dehumidifier will help your AC unit to run smoothly and make your home more comfortable and healthy. It will also save you money in the long run.

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