The weather is changing, which means people in the home are bound to notice their allergy and asthma symptoms returning. The air quality inside of a house is often worse than the air quality outdoors, which is why you need systems in place to filter out the particles that aggravate symptoms and make people sick. But that small plug-in air purifier might not do the trick.

Consider Air Duct Cleaning in Florida

The old ductwork with your HVAC system may be filled will mold, mildew, pollen, dust, and all kinds of other unhealthy things. Consider hiring a Professional Air Duct Cleaning company to periodically clean your entire HVAC ductwork system.

You Need Relief Throughout the Home

The main issue with those small portable air purifiers is that they only clean the air in a small, isolated area of the home. Wouldn’t you rather that all of the air throughout the house is clean? As the weather heats up, you run your air conditioning system more and more, which means that you’re frequently circulating the air and whatever particles are in it.

Yes, your air conditioner does have an air filter in place to get particles out of the air. However, the smallest of particles might still get through with a run-of-the-mill filter. While your air filter might be good for pollen, for example, it may not be able to get smaller mold spores.

When you have a portable air filtration system, you continue to run your air conditioner and circulate particles through the air, while the portable air filtration system only helps take care of a small portion of them in an isolated area, and it could be just as effective as your HVAC system’s filter.

When you’ve got allergies, you need a whole-house system to make you feel more comfortable wherever you are in the home. And you can find a quality whole-house air filtration system from your local technicians. A whole-house air filtration system can integrate with your heating and air conditioning system to filter the air whenever you run it. Often, you can also program the thermostat so that it filters the air even when your air conditioner is not turned on.

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