Most homeowners in our area realize just how much the humidity can change their comfort level. High humidity means that there is an excess of moisture in the air, which means that your body has greater difficulty staying cool since sweat cannot evaporate so easily. People feel most comfortable in humidity levels of around 30%-50%, but they often reach much higher in Florida.

If you’re like the majority of Americans, you spend at least 90% of your time indoors, and chances are also high that you have an AC system. Setting temperatures a little bit lower can ease the discomfort of the high humidity. But it can also cost you.

The Cost of Humidity

You run your air conditioner more frequently and at a lower temperature when humidity levels reach their highest. This helps to keep you a lot more comfortable, but it also keeps adding to your energy bills. Besides, the components of your air conditioning system can wear down a lot faster with all of that extra work. You might end up having to replace your air conditioning unit far sooner than expected or you might have to make a lot of repairs for the worn-down components.

Get a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is effective in reducing the amount of moisture in the air. But if you purchase only a small portable model, you won’t get the same effect as with a whole-home system.

Think about it: your air conditioning system continuously circulates air through the ducts and distributes it back to the rooms. If you only have a dehumidifier in one area, it won’t be effective at lowering humidity levels anywhere but that area of the room. You’ll likely continue to waste energy running your air conditioner longer than you need to because the rest of the house still won’t feel as comfortable as you prefer.

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