You may not want to think about it often, but the air you breathe each and every day could be full of contaminants. Many tiny particles in the air are relatively harmless, and you can expect to breathe some amount of airborne particles throughout the day no matter what. But if you have a conventional forced-air heating and air conditioning system, it could push even more contaminants into your home’s air and allow them to recirculate over and over again.

What about the air filter?

The air filter in your home’s HVAC system can stop many particles from entering the HVAC system, but the smallest particles and microorganisms can still pass through. In fact, conditions within your HVAC system may be perfect for microorganisms—living things like bacteria and viruses—to thrive. A moist evaporator coil might become a breeding ground for these organisms and even mold, and the blower fan may move them into your living space.

How can a UV air purifier help?

UV germicidal lights work with your HVAC system to clean all of the air that passes by them. Ultraviolet light kills and sterilizes tiny living organisms like bacteria, viruses, and even mold spores on contact. A small amount of UV light is contained in the ducts, so it won’t harm your family members in any way. When the air moves past the lights, microorganisms die off and become incapable of reproducing, making them safe to breathe in.

Why should I get one?

Don’t rely on the air filter alone to help reduce harmful airborne contaminants in your air. Call a local technician to install a new UV germicidal light system in your forced-air heating and air conditioning equipment. This type of system is widely used in hospitals, laboratories, and other areas where having clean air is a must, so you know it will be effective at preventing illnesses in your home.

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