When you come home and turn on the air conditioning system, you expect to feel comfortable. But sneezing, coughing and itchy eyes can get in the way, as your air conditioning system continues to recirculate harmful particles like mold spores, pet dander, and even bacteria through the air. How can you manage?

The Standard Home Air Filter

While an air filter does trap many of the allergens in your air, it cannot get them all. The air filter must have some give so that your air conditioning system can get the right amount of airflow. This means that it may take care of some of the larger allergen particles, like pollen, but it might miss some smaller particles, like mold spores.

Whole-House Air Filtration

A whole-house air filtration system can be added to your HVAC system to catch additional particles that your air filter misses. A HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter is the most effective at catching the vast majority of contaminants that get sucked into the system. Consult with a technician to find a filter that is the right size and efficiency rating for your air conditioner.

Electronic Air Purifiers

An alternative to the whole-house filtration system does not use media to filter out particles, as a conventional filter does. Rather, it uses an ionization process to charge particles so that they cling to a metal plate inside of the system with the opposite charge.

UV Lights

A final solution is popular in hospitals and research facilities, and among homeowners with consistent allergy or asthma problems or with immune system disorders in the family. Ultraviolet light in the HVAC system kills and sterilizes contaminants like viruses and bacteria on contact so that they are no longer harmful to breathe in. They cannot get all of the nonliving particles, like pet dander, but they are still highly effective.

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