There are many reasons to consider installing Ductless Mini-Splits in Yulee, FL. Perhaps you’re building a home from the ground up, and you’re seeking an energy-efficient way to cool it. Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing is your go-to Mini Split AC Company near Yulee, FL.
Maybe you own a historic home and want to install something that won’t compromise the integrity of its structure. Or you may have just added a room to your home and you don’t want to extend the preexisting ductwork to it. In such cases, a mini-split AC may be the best option.

First, let’s make it clear what mini-splits are. They operate like a traditional heat pump, where refrigerant travels from the evaporator coil inside to the condenser outside, releasing the heat that it collects and thus cooling the interior.

The only difference is that mini-splits, being ductless, cool a smaller space: normally, a single room. Mini-splits are also ideal for garages, outbuildings, additions, and ADUs (accessory dwelling units). On the other hand, they can work just fine for whole-house cooling.

Basics of Ductless Mini-Splits

You’ll want to consult with a technician about how many mini-splits you’ll need and where they should go. There are three components to think about: the outdoor compressor unit, the indoor air-handling units, and the refrigerant line one to the other.

You can hook up a maximum of eight air handlers to one compressor, which can make it possible to cool the entire home. Note that the refrigerant line can stretch for as long as 50 feet. This gives you the chance to put the compressor in a hidden area where its bulk isn’t an eyesore.

The air handlers are compact units, sleek and stylish, and you can mount them on the wall or ceiling. You’ll want to consult with the technician on where exactly to put these units. The technician will also have to create a hole in each wall, about three inches in diameter, for the refrigerant line to pass through. The installation process is relatively hassle-free.

You’ll also love how mini-splits:
  • Are durable and can last up to 30 years
  • Can blend in with any style of room
  • Provide a thermostat for every air handler
  • Come with features like directional airflow

What attracts most homeowners to mini-splits is how they save energy. Ducted systems inevitably lose a lot of their cool air through the vents, but mini-splits avoid that waste. We said they’re durable, but homeowners must take care of these units with regular, professional maintenance.