So you’re in the market for a new air conditioning system. By now, you have probably looked at a few key factors that you hope for in a new system, like efficiency, affordability, and durability. One thing you may not have considered, however, is looking into a different type of system entirely—a heat pump.

A heat pump is not so unlike a standard air conditioning system. However, there are a few extra components to your heat pump that differentiate it from the conventional AC. These additional valves allow the refrigerant that flows through the system to move in reverse when the weather is chilly and you switch the thermostat to heating mode. Heat can leave the home in the summer and it can enter the home in the winter.

What this means for your wallet

A heat pump is not going to be less expensive than a traditional AC. A high-efficiency heat pump is certainly going to cost you upfront, but the monthly savings should be worth it. Look at the SEER of your new system and work with a qualified technician to make sure that the system will save you from month to month.

In the winter, a heat pump is a far more efficient heating option than many others. This is because other heating systems must generate heat. Producing heat takes a lot of energy, but moving heat around does not. An air-source heat pump is an environmentally friendly heating option, especially in a climate like Florida’s, as they work best in warmer areas.

Besides, replacing the AC and heater at once with a single system may be more cost-effective than replacing both systems separately. Installing a new furnace may not be worth the cost, as we tend to use ours sparingly in the Jacksonville climate.

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