When there’s a sudden change in the weather, it can bring a lot of unwanted allergens and other debris along with it. If you’re searching for relief from your worst allergy symptoms, or if you want to help protect your family from some common viruses, we may have a solution for you that you won’t find in any medicine cabinet. Take a look at some of the whole home air cleaning and air quality systems you can have installed by your local HVAC technician.

Air Filtration System/Air Cleaner

These are far more effective than standard air filters, which are usually limited by the size of the particles they filter. A more effective air filtration system may have a larger surface area due to a pleated filter that can trap more particles without inhibiting airflow. It might even have additional features like UV lights attached.


A dehumidifier can lower the humidity levels in your home significantly, helping you to stay cooler and making your home a more pleasant place to be. Reducing moisture in the home also helps to stop the spread of mold, and it can prevent water damage. Whole-home dehumidifiers are better for this purpose since they work with your air conditioning and heating systems to ensure ideal humidity levels all throughout the home.

Air Purifier/Sanitizer

Many air purifiers are known for eliminating the majority of contaminants that pass by, including living organisms like bacteria and viruses. An ionization device charges particles in the air which then become attracted to another surface of the opposite charge. UV air purifiers may come as part of the system, or you can install them separately. These instantly kill bacteria and viruses to sanitize your air.

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