The most common reason considered by most homeowners out there when it comes to replacing air conditioners is the price. But what they usually overlook is the air conditioner’s size, which is definitely one of the factors you should consider!

Despite what ‘myth-breakers’ may tell you very craftily and whatever they try to justify their arguments with, it is true that buying an AC that is too big or too small has high chances of failing at producing the results you desire. You, as a resident in Florida, need to ensure that your space is cooled just the right way, by the right-sized air conditioners.

Determine ‘How Much’ Cooling (Heating) Your Property Requires

While deciding on the optimal size of your air conditioner, there are a number of factors you need to look into thoroughly in order to be aware of every area that may affect your property’s cooling levels. Below are some of the main factors we have jotted down for you to include in your own checklist.

  • Local climate (it is generally hot in Florida, as we all know).
  • Number of floors.
  • Insulation levels in your house/building.
  • Total number of rooms/bedrooms.
  • Total count of the occupants.
  • Your house’s floor plan.
  • Your building’s square footage.
  • Your property’s orientation.
  • ‘Amount’ of heat absorbed/gained during the day.
  • Types, sizes and directions of all windows.
  • Your personal comfort preferences.

It sounds daunting and that’s why our trained team of experts is here to help.  They will be honest in suggesting you the right size of a new air conditioning unit.

Problems Associated With ‘Too Small’ ACs

If your new or current AC is too small to be compatible with your entire home’s space, you’re in for a hectic and ‘hot’ summer, especially in Florida. The temperatures will be uneven throughout your house. To fix that, you may have to run your AC for longer hours, and your appliance may be ‘forced’ to overexert and work harder.

All of this will ultimately lead to the very things you want to avoid the most while using air conditioners: high electricity bills, excessive energy usage, speedy wear-outs, and increased chances of breakdowns. The cost savings enjoyed when buying small ACs are tempting, but at the end amount to nothing other than increasing your appliance’s operating & ac maintenance costs if that small size just isn’t right for YOU!

Problems Associated With ‘Too Big’ ACs

Using an oversized AC, in our opinion, maybe even more damaging and inefficient. Too big AC units have one major problem that leads to different branches, at different points in time and causes damage in different ways.

This major problem is short cycling. Short-cycling means that your unit will cool your home-space too quickly, switch off, and turn on again when need be. This vicious cycle will not allow your appliance to run continuously for the time it requires to dehumidify your air and filter it properly. This will result in undesirable moisture content in your atmosphere which can compromise your comfort level greatly and lead to irritability in the summer heat.

Moreover, needing a kick-start very often in a single day and running more frequently for shorter periods of time will drastically increase energy usage and wastage. This will increase your utility costs, the very costs you had hoped to avoid by investing heavily in a large AC unit. As discussed earlier, overrunning can damage your equipment and shorten its lifespan.

Bigger isn’t always better when air conditioning units are concerned. If the AC unit is too large for your property, it just isn’t the right size for you. Period.

If you need help figuring out which AC unit is the best for your needs, give us a call. If you just need us for your AC repair in Jacksonville FL, we will be happy to help!

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