A Mini-Split AC in Jacksonville Beach, FL, may be just what your home needs. Perhaps you added a room and you don’t feel like having extra ducts installed to cool it. Maybe you have an outbuilding, or shop, that you want to have cooled. The excessive heat and humidity in Florida can make it very difficult to stay cool in all parts of your home and outbuildings.

A mini-split air conditioner is a versatile device and can be ideal for any number of scenarios. We even see the owners of historic homes opt for these systems. With one compressor able to connect eight air handlers, you can cool virtually your entire home with mini-split systems. One thing worth mentioning is that since there is no ductwork, you’ll never have to worry about mold, mildew, and bacteria in your ductwork.

Mini-split systems are heat pumps, so how they work is similar to the ducted kind: the indoor unit, called the air handler, draws heat out of the air. This air then travels through the refrigerant line and gets released into the outside air via the condenser coils in the compressor.

One big difference is that an air handler is a compact unit that hangs on a wall. The refrigerant lines are also narrower and require only a three-inch hole to be made in the wall to pass through.