You may be wondering about the pros and cons of owning a mini-split AC in Atlantic Beach, FL, so let’s lay out some of the details. Despite its high up-front cost, a mini-split air conditioner can do wonders for your home. It only has the capacity to cool a single space, but that space could be a garage, tool shed, or room addition. Best of all, you can connect up to eight of these devices to a single compressor, which can lead to whole-house cooling.

Mini-splits cool a room by transferring heat from the inside and releasing it outside. They’re composed of an air handler, a compressor, and the refrigerant line linking the two. The air handler can be mounted on your wall, and its style is such that it can blend in with any color scheme or design. As for the compressor, though it’s bulky, you can place it in a hidden spot because it can lie as far as 50 feet away from the air handler.