Are you shopping around for your next air conditioner? Are you finding it difficult to figure out what type of AC would work best for your home or business? Do you want a balance of energy efficiency and performance? Whatever your cooling preferences are, you need a professional to take care of your air conditioning installation. It can be difficult to navigate the field of new air conditioning systems. After all, with so many options, how do you choose one that will work well for your home for years to come? There are numerous factors to consider, but we can make sure that you choose wisely the first time.

One of the factors that you’ll inevitably have to keep in mind as you go through your options is what type of system is right for you. There are three major cooling systems on the market.

  • central air conditioner. Tried and true, the central air conditioner is not the most popular air conditioning system without good reason. This is a “split” system, which means that it has an indoor and outdoor unit, and circulates a refrigerant through various stages of compression and decompression in order to absorb thermal energy from your indoor air and send it outside. It requires ductwork within the home; it is cost-effective and powerful.
  • Heat pump. If you want a more versatile option, an air conditioner that will also serve as a heating system when winter rolls around, then you may want to consider a heat pump. This type of system is effectively an air conditioner with one significant difference: it can reverse the flow of refrigerant in order to draw in thermal energy from outside to heat your home during the winter.
  • Ductless mini-split. For some homes, ducts are simply not an option. Whether your home cannot accommodate ductwork, or you want to avoid the energy inefficiency and poor indoor air quality that can result from leaky and problematic ducts, then consider a ductless mini split. These systems provide excellent comfort and efficiency.

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