The summer months are here again. Especially during the afternoon, the weather will be hot. This is the time you can’t afford for your AC system to fail you. It is needed to combat the heat and high humidity and make the house comfortable for you. But what if it fails to do its work? At some point, your AC will fail to provide air that is cold enough to keep your home cool and make your home comfortable to live in. It doesn’t always mean a serious problem. However, here are three reasons why your AC is running but not cooling.

The Air Filter Is Clogged/h5>
Ever wonder why it is recommended that you change your air filter regularly? This is because air filters are one of the culprits when your AC stops cooling your home. As the air filter works to collect debris, over time, it will become clogged, and when this happens, airflow reduces.

Regular change of filter or AC service can, however, solve this problem. If you have a large family or several pets in the house, you should consider doing it more often.

Your Air Conditioning System is Low on Refrigerant

Another reason why your air conditioning system might be running but not cooling is a low level of refrigerant. Refrigerant is the coolant in the system, and when there’s a leak, the level goes down, making it hard to cool your home efficiently. When dealing with refrigerant issues, it is better to call a professional for the AC repair as an attempt to repair by yourself might be harmful to your health.

Your Air Conditioning System Is Too Big

Ideally, an AC works by absorbing the vapor from the air in your home and cycling it to cool it. If your system is too big, the AC will then do this much faster than it needs to. This action will, in turn, cause the AC unit to work harder than normal, causing too much mold in the AC ducts and driving up energy costs.

There you go! Above are some reasons why your AC may be running but not cooling. If your system ever runs without cooling, the above are the likely reasons why. Dirty condenser coils, faulty compressors, or leaks in the air ducts might be another reason why the system is struggling or finding it hard to cool your home.

If you need prompt and efficient AC repair, contact us today at Buehler Air Conditioning & Plumbing. We provide affordable and reliable services. Our experts can offer you a routine service depending on your AC needs. This will help keep your air conditioning unit working optimally all year round. We guarantee you quality and excellent services.

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